Mission Briefing

In the year 2144, Earth has lost contact with a group of human terra formers that have established a mining operation on the forest planet of Aradyn 4. You have joined a team of courageous volunteers to travel to Aradyn 4 in the spaceship Copernicus 1 to determine their fate. However, on approach to the planet, your ship malfunctions and crashes in the forest not far from the original mining colony. You are now stuck there until you can repair your ship.

Your team must now search the surrounding forest for resources and tools to build a camp, find food and water, and scavenge parts from the mining operation to fix your ship. As you venture away from your camp, you will discover many things about Aradyn 4, including the fact that you are not alone…

Your Mission:

Spend days and nights living in the forest of Aradyn 4 using your wits, science and math knowledge, strength and tenacity to solve problems, find hidden resources and build various structures needed to get through the challenge.

Discover the unknown history of this alien land as you explore your surroundings.  Work with your team to improve your situation.  Prepare to meet any challenges that may pop up.  Solve the final puzzle to allow your return to Earth.